Who we are?

We are an independent small scale engine producer with R&D, design and manufacturing done "in house", which gives us flexibility to offer engines for various special applications.

What we do?

We particularly focus on:

- Industrial gas engines (power generation or mechanical drive in oil&gas sector)

- Gas engines for mobile applications (buses, trucks, etc.)

- Railway engines (DMUs, special machines or siding and shunting locomotives)

For mobile applications (gas engines for buses or diesel engines for DMUs) we are one of the few producers, capable to offer also engines in horizontal version. Our horizontal engines with total high around 700mm are very suitable for under-floor installations.

What benefits we offer?

  • High operation economy - achieved by combination of:
    -  Competitive output parameters
    -  Long maintenance intervals
    -  Fair spare parts pricing
    -  Easy maintenance
  • Long durability
  • Large modularity of configurations

Robust and simple engine construction is reflecting over 60 years of experience with diesel engines and over 30 years of experience with gas engines.