Engine Overhauling

We offer professional solutions for overhauls of diesel and natural gas internal combustion engines. We specialize in engines with a displacement of 8 dm3 up to 25 dm3, from in-line engines to twelve-cylinder V engines.


                Motor 3                  Motor 5

                                        Before Overhaul                                                                                       After Overhaul


We offer repairs in several ranges:

  • Low Cost – maximum usage of extracted parts - renovation of basic units - braking test
  • Medium – renovation of basic units - original parts - ideal price / added value ratio
  • Best – complete renovation of basic units and use of new original material, braking test - full 12 month warranty - the highest quality, after overhaul, the parameters of the new engine are expected to have a very long life

We repair engines such as SCANIA, MAN, LIEBHER, KUBOTA, TEDOM, MTU et al.


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The Engines division of TEDOM has its own development and design base, in which we develop new generation combustion engines. The output of development projects is not only new products, but the results of development are applied to engine remanufacturing and repairs. Our goal is always to increase the reliability and service life of pre-operated internal combustion engines.