Repairs of fuel-injection pump

We carry out the standard repairs, overhauls and adjustment of all types BOSCH and L´ORANGE (DES) fuel-injection pumps and MOTORPAL pumps used in TEDOM/LIAZ engines.

We use the BOSCH EPS 711 apparatus. We carry out repairs to meet short deadlines depending on the scale of the respective defect. We perform more extensive repairs within 48 hours of the pump being brought in for repair. We can also arrange transport by courier post. All overhauls and repairs are performed exclusively by trained and experienced employees.

We offer the following range of repairs:

  1. Repairs of BOSCH and L´ORANGE (DES) fuel-injection pumps
    Scope: Adjustment, overhaul, standard repair and general overhaul
  2. Repairs of MOTORPAL pumps
    Scope: Adjustment, overhaul and standard repair
  3. Overhauls and repairs of fuel injectors


Jaroslav Štěpař
Phone: +420 483 363 343
Mobil:   +420 602 755 776
 E-mail: jaroslav.stepar@tedomengines.com

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