General Engine Repair



TEDOM a.s., Engines Division is the only authorized manufacturer of TEDOM internal combustion engines, originally manufactured under the name "LIAZ" and their spare parts. It is also the sole authorized owner of controlled (change-maintained) design and technological documentation for the manufacture and repair of these engines.

Repairs to internal combustion engines are performed exclusively by qualified employees with many years of experience in the field of engine repairs, diagnostics of their defects, using the knowledge of the engine manufacturer in the field of monitoring operational reliability.

These services apply to internal combustion engines of the type series M1.2 A, M1.2 B and M1.2 C in inclined, upright and horizontal design. Such differentiated engines are further divided into diesel engines and engines for alternative fuels - natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and propane-butane. 


We offer these repair services:

  • Revision of the technical condition of the engine
    (e.g. for M1.2 C engines after 500 000 km)
  • Routine engine repairs to the extent required by the customer
  • Engine overhauls
  • Engine repairs associated with the modernization.

For more information contact:

Jaroslav Štěpař
Telephone: +420 483 363 343
Mobile:   +420 602 755 776


TEDOM a.s., Engines Division owns a development base in which it implements development projects for new generation internal combustion engines. Outputs from development projects are not only implemented in the form of new products, but are also applied in the field of provided repair services in order to increase the reliability and service life of already operating internal combustion engines.