Injection pump repairs






We perform routine repairs, inspections and adjustments of all types of injection pumps of the BOSCH,
L´ORANGE (DES) and MOTORPAL pumps used on TEDOM / LIAZ engines.

We use the BOSCH EPS 711 device. We perform repairs in short delivery times according to the extent of the damage. We repair major damage within 48 hours of delivery of the pump for repair. We also provide transportation by courier service. Inspections and repairs are performed exclusively by trained and experienced staff.


We offer the following range of repairs:

  1. Repairs of BOSCH and L´ORANGE (DES) injection pumps in this range: adjustment, routine repair, and overhaul
  2. Repairs of MOTORPAL brand pumps in the range: adjustment, inspection and routine repair
  3. Inspections and repairs of fuel injectors


For more information contact:

Jaroslav Štěpař
Telephone: +420 483 363 343
Mobile:    +420 602 755 776