We offer free machining capacity.

We have lathe-turning technology on NC and CNC machines, broaching, milling, plane and round grinding on jigs, rolling, broaching, boring on software-controlled boring machines, etc.

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Petr Ouhrabka – Operation Manager
Phone: +420 483 363 393
Mobil:   +420 724 587 220

Series production machining:

  1. Production of flange components using lathe-turning, boring, threading, milling and grinding technology
  2. Production of small box components using milling, boring, drilling, lathe-turning, threading and grinding operations of surfaces and openings
  3. Production of shaft components up to 320 mm in diameter and 600 mm in length using lathe-turning, milling, boring, rolling and grinding technology

Machine Tool Characteristics:

  • DMU 80 T milling centre: Machining specifications (axis x, y, z)  880 mm, 630 mm, 630 mm, continuous 5-axis machining
  • DMU 125 P milling centre: Machining specifications (axis x,y,z): 1250 mm, 1000 mm, 1000 mm, continuous 5-axis machining
  • HERMLE C40 UP milling centre: Machining specifications (axis x,y,z): 850 mm, 700 mm, 500 mm, continuous 5-axis machining
  • CTX 410 GILDEMEISTER two-spindle lathe: max. Ø of lathe-turning: 320 mm, max. length of lathe-turning: 600 mm, through spindle - max. Ø of the bar: 65 mm, y axis travel: ± 40 mm, powered tools
  • CTX gamma 1250 TC: max. Ø of lathe-turning: 700 mm, max. length of lathe-turning: 1300 mm
  • VXR 50 CNC boring machine: travels (axis x,y,z): 630 mm, 400 mm, 400 mm, 3-axis machining

Machining of Piece Production:

The universal set of machines is available: Lathes, milling machines, toothing machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, horizontal boring and drilling machines, rolling machines, boring machines. We offer also welding and mechanical work.

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